Adele Tomlin

Curriculum Vitae


Adele is from England and an independent philosophy scholar, writer, and Dharma translator. She has worked as a philosophy lecturer to undergraduates at both King's College, London and the University of Hertfordshire and has contributed to and co-edited a philosophy book with the renowned US Professor, Richard Shusterman, 'Aesthetic Experience' (Routledge, 2007) .  She is also a qualified yoga teacher, having completed her yoga teacher training certificate in Northern India in 2005. She has a Bachelor's degree in Law, a qualified barrister, a Master's degree in Philosophy from King's College, University of London (2012) and a Master's degree in Tibetology from the University of Hamburg (2016). 

Her Master's thesis was recently published as a book, Taranatha's Commentary on the Heart Sutra (LTWA, 2017) with foreword by Prof. Matthew Kapstein.  She has recently translated two major Jonang texts on the Kalacakra Preliminaries, The Chariot that Transports to the Four Kayas by Bamda Gelek Gyatso (LTWA, 2019) with foreword by Dr. Cyrus Stearns, and  'Meaningful to See: Guidance on the Profound Path of Vajra-Yogas' (Dakini Publications, 2020) by Jetsun Taranatha. She also completed an independent translation project on the Innate Kalacakra, which was awarded the Khyentse Foundation's Ashoka Grant. In 2019, she founded (and is the director of) the first female-founded and led Dharma translations and research website, Dakini Translations and Publications (see

With HH the 17th Karmapa in Dharamsala, India (2007)

Adele is a practitioner of mainly the Karma Kagyu lineage after taking refuge in a private audience with HH the 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje, in Dharamsala, India in May 2005. The Karmapa was the first Tibetan Buddhist lama she met and took refuge with and took Vajrayana empowerments from.  Since then, other lamas she has taken teachings and empowerments from include, HE Thrangu Rinpoche, 12th Gyaltsab Rinpoche,  Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, HH 14th Dalai Lama and more. Her approach to study and translation is non-sectarian. She has studied with and translated texts from all the lineages, in particular, Kagyu, Nyingma and Jonang. 


MA Tibetan Buddhist Studies, University of Hamburg. Dissertation on 'Taranatha's Commentary on the Heart Sutra' received a First Class result. Supervisor: Prof. Dorji Wangchuk.

MA Philosophy King’s College, London . Dissertation in Ethics on 'Definitions of Happiness' received a Distinction mark and special commendation from external examiner (Prof. Tom Sorell). Supervisor: Dr. Peter Goldie.

Barrister Certification, Inns of Court School of Law, London.

LLB (Hons) Law, University of Warwick.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language TEFL (Cambridge).



- Aesthetic Experience, Richard Shusterman and Adele Tomlin (eds.) (Routledge, 2007).

-Tāranātha's Commentary on the Heart Sutra. Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. Foreword by Prof. Matthew Kapstein. (First Edition: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 2019. Second edition: Dakini Publications 2023).  Purchase directly from Amazon US, UK, Japan, Australia and European websites.

-The Chariot that Transports to the Four Kāyas: Excellent Stages of Meditation by Bamda Gelek Gyatso.  Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. Foreword by Dr. Cyrus Stearns. (Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 2019).  

·  -Innate Kālacakra: Instructions and Sadhanas (Dakini Publications, 2019). Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. First English translation of key instructions and sadhanas on the practice of Innate Kālacakra (dus ‘khor lhan skyes), including instructions given by Jonang and Rime master, Bamda Gelek Gyatso. Recipent of Ashoka Grant by Khyentse Foundation. 


See my personal website, for regularly updated research and translations of Tibetan Buddhist texts. Recent translations published on the website include:

·         Aspiration for the Prospering of Ultimate Meaning Teachings by 15th Karmapa

·         One Day Meditation on Mind of Awakening by 8th Karmapa

·         White Tārā sadhana by 8th Karmapa

·         Guru Yogas on Second and Third Karmapas by Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

·         Gushing Flood of Melodious, Laughing Praise: Explanation of the Root Mantra of Lion of Speech, Mañjuśrī by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

·         Supplication to Nāropa’s Vajrayogini Lineage by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

·         Meaningful to See: Profound Path of the Vajra-Yogas by Jetsun Tāranātha.

·         Condensed Essence of Empty-of-Other by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

·         The Explicit and Hidden Aspects of Tārā: Commentary on the Twenty-One Tārās by Jetsun Tāranātha.

·         Innate Kālacakra – translation of sections of the main Jonang texts on Innate Kālacakra (dus ‘khor lhan skyes) and sadhana and lineage supplication texts. This project was awarded an Ashoka Grant from the Khyentse Foundation.

Philosophy Articles

- 'Contemplating the Undefinable',  Aesthetic Experience, Richard Shusterman and Adele Tomlin (eds.) (Routledge, 2007).

-Review article of 'Gut Reactions: A Perceptual Theory of the Emotions' (2004) by Jesse Prinz in Metapsychology Online.

-Review article of 'Revealing Art' (2004) by Matthew Kieran and 'Re-thinking Aesthetics: Rogue Essays on Aesthetics and the Arts' (2004) by Arnold Berleant in Journal of Applied Philosophy.

- Review article of 'The Secret Power of Beauty' (2004) by John Armstrong in Journal of Applied Philosophy (2005, Vol. 21 (3)).

- Review article of 'Aesthetics and Subjectivity: from Kant to Nietzsche' (2003) by Andrew Bowie in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, vol. 5, no. 5 (April 2004)

- Review article of 'Evolutionary Aesthetics' (2003) ed. Voland and Grammer, in Human Nature Review 2003 Vol.3

- Review article of 'Gender and Aesthetics' (2004) ed. Carolyn Korsmeyer in Feminist and Women's Studies Association Newsletter (No.45, August 2004).


-GOING BACK TO THE ROOTS OF VAJRAYĀNA: A 21st Century review of the female and yogic roots of Vajrayāna, monastic vows and tantric practice, and the invisible, silent female consort. First presented at the 4th Vajrayana conference 'Modernity in Buddhism' at Thimphu, Bhutan, October 2022. Video presentation here:; transcript here: ( The conference organisers have not published or released the video of the presentation, even though they published the videos of all the other talks on the same panel.

-Taranatha's Commentary on the Heart Sutra. Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Nepal in 2018. Recording of the presentation is here (Stream Adele Tomlin - "Tāranātha’s Commentary on the Heart Sūtra" by Rangjung Yeshe Institute | Listen online for free on SoundCloud).

'Concern without Action or Discussion without Engagement?: The Moral Value of Narratives' presented at the Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Conference on 'Narrative and Understanding Persons', at the University of Hertfordshire 12-14 July 2005. Selected by review. For more info click here

-'Responsibility for Moral Ignorance' presented on 21st November 2004 at 'Virtue Epistemology' conference at Stirling University. Selected by review. For more info about the conference click

-'Moral Responsibility for Immoral Beliefs' presented on 24 September 2004 at Annual Conference on Social and Political Thought, Sussex University.

Other interests and activities 

Music (classically trained piano, grade 8 with Distinction).

Yoga (qualified yoga teacher  - holder of British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Certificate and Yoga Siromani teaching certificate from the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, Rishikesh, India).

Voluntary work with Tibetan exile refugees in India and Nepal for the Tibetan Centre of Human Rights and Democracy, and befriending and assisting elderly people who are isolated and vulnerable in London.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language - qualified TEFL teacher with over five years professional teaching experience to adults and teenagers in the UK and Germany.